Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BBJ Max 7: Farther and Roomier


Boeing Business Jets is showing a $200,000 model of the new BBJ Max 7 interior at EBACE. Paris-based Cabinet Alberto Pinto’s design takes full advantage of the extra 6 ft 4 in length of the Max 7 compared to the original BBJ.

Improvements include a forward VIP bedroom behind the crew rest compartment and additional storage closet space – sorely needed on the original BBJ. The 19-seat design also features two main cabin seating areas, plus a two room VIP compartment with self-leveling bed and lavatory with shower.

The BBJ Max 7 can fly up to 7,000 nm, opening up new city pairs such as Beijing and Acapulco, Dubai and Washington, and New York and Shanghai on virtually the same fuel as the original 6,200 nm BBJ. It has considerably more underfloor cargo bay volume available for baggage. Max 7’s CFMI Leap 1B engines are key to unlocking the improved performance potential of the new jet. They produce 2,000 lb more thrust than the CFM56-7BE turbofans on BBJ, yet they’re 14% more fuel efficient due to 20-year newer aerodynamics, much higher bypass and compression ratios, and higher operating temperatures.

(Fred George and Angus Batey - Aviation Week / EBACE News)

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