Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Airbus Unveils New Private Helo Brand

Dry ice and holograms were deployed in Palexpo yesterday as Airbus introduced Airbus Corporate Helicopters as a comprehensive vertical lift solution for high-net-worth individuals, corporations, or business aviation operators.

“We want to provide customers with an ownership experience that raises the bar,” Frederic Lemos, head of Airbus Helicopters’ private and business aviation division – and, from yesterday, the boss of ACH – told ShowNews. “We want to provide them with the highest level of proposals from end to end: from getting in contact with us, negotiating a helicopter, getting delivery, being supported, even in the re-sale of the aircraft after the time of ownership.”

As the number of billionaires around the world increases, Lemos says, the demand for high-specification, bespoke configuration private helicopters is increasing. But as the market grows, so do the demands of the customers.

“These customers are used to having five-star service in all they do in life,” he says. “We wanted a specific environment for this specific clientele.”

The ACH concept pulls together various teams and capabilities that already existed within Airbus Helicopters but organizes them in a way that is intended to optimize their relevance to the private helicopter owner.

“We have built up a multifunctional team called the ‘Dreamcatchers,’” Lemos said. “The word is self-explanatory. This team is composed of engineering, design and programs: they don’t engage with customers - they build the specification and the perceived quality. The design and perceived-quality team are working to create a quality gap between us and the competition.”

The ACH brand also includes a development of the established HCare support package, called HCare First. The combination of design, marketing and after-sales focus on the sector will, Lemos believes, result in happier customers – and increased sales.

(Angus Batey - Aviation Week / EBACE Show News)

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