Saturday, April 29, 2017

Japan Air Commuter launches ATR operations

(Japan Air Commuter)

Japan Air Commuter (JAC)—a Japan Airlines subsidiary—launched its first ATR 42-600 flight April 26 on service from Kagoshima to Yakushima.

The aircraft then performed three flights: from Yakushima to Kagoshima, from Kagoshima to Okinoerabu, and back to Kagoshima.

Japan is preparing for a huge influx of tourists. The Japanese government hopes to welcome 40 million visitors by 2020.

JAC took delivery of its first 50-seat ATR 42-600 in January.

The carrier ordered eight of the type, plus one option and 14 purchase rights, at the 2015 Paris Air Show. The remaining aircraft will be delivered over the next three years, according to ATR.

The new ATRs will operate on connections from and to small islands and communities across the country.

(Linda Blachly - ATWOnline News)

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