Saturday, April 8, 2017

G550 Gets Facelift at Duncan Aviation

The G550 has been in the client's fleet for 12 years, and the Duncan refurb gives it a modern feel.
(Photo: Duncan Aviation)

Duncan Aviation recently refurbished a G550 with a new interior, CMS upgrade and exterior paint scheme, all performed during scheduled maintenance on the 12-year-old jet, which Duncan had helped the owner purchase when new. “This serial number was a top performer in our client’s fleet, so we gave it a facelift and kept it flying,” said completions/modifications sales manager Nate Klenke.

Duncan Aviation lead designer Rachael Weverka incorporated stylized design elements using the existing panels and structure to help meet the client’s “conservative” budget. A client representative was on site at Duncan’s facility in Lincoln, Neb. throughout the three-month project, attending daily team meetings and having access to every Duncan Aviation employee who touched the aircraft. “We like to partner with our clients on these complex projects and be transparent throughout the entire process,” said Klenke.

(James Wynbrandt - AINOnline News)

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