Friday, January 15, 2016

Worst Airline to fly in 2015 - American Airlines

Business travel can be a game of chance, but you roll the dice more with some airlines than others.
An annual ranking of the nine largest U.S. airlines has put American Airlines last in 2015. It takes the crown from the previous year's biggest loser, United Airlines.
The Wall Street Journal's annual Middle Seat Scorecard ranked the airlines on how well they performed in seven categories, including the percentage of on-time flight departures and number of customer complaints. The study collected data from analytics companies GEE Operations Solutions and FlightStats Inc. and the Department of Transportation. 

American came in last in three of the seven categories, including canceled flights, tarmac delays lasting longer than two hours, and mishandled baggage.  Meanwhile, the best-performing airline in the U.S., Alaska Airlines, had the highest percentage of flights that arrived on time. Alaska Airlines also had the lowest number of "extreme delays" (defined as delays that lasted longer than 45 minutes), two-hour-plus tarmac delays, and customer complaints.

Here's the overall ranking of U.S. airlines from best to worst:

  1. Alaska
  2. Virgin America
  3. Delta
  4. Southwest
  5. JetBlue
  6. Frontier
  7. United
  8. Spirit
  9. American 
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Unknown said...

Flying Alaska Thursday San Diego to Orlando. Excited to fly them again after 20 years away.