Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today at Victorville (VCV/KVCV) Part 2

Boeing 747-446 (26355/1024) N356AS, delivered to Japan Airlines on March 29, 1994 as JA8910.

Boeing 757-236 (25060/364) N949FD, was originally delivered to British Airways on May 3, 1991 as G-BPEE but was immediately leased to Caledonian Airways "Loch Tay" on May 4, 1991. The aircraft served with the carrier until being returned to British Airways on December 17, 1994 and renamed "Robert Louis Stevenson." She will now be converted to a freighter and be operated by FedEx.

Boeing 767-338(ER) (24317/246) N317CM, was delivered to Qantas on November 23, 1988 as VH-OGC "City of Bendigo."

Boeing 747-121(SF) (19651/25) N747GE was delivered to Pam American World Airways on March 21, 1970 as N744PA "Clipper Star of the Union," and in 1980 she was renamed "Clipper Ocean Spray." She served with Pan Am until December 5, 1991 when she was retired from the carrier and returned to the lessor. The aircraft was leased by General Electric on March 3, 1992 with whom she still serves today.

Lockheed Tristar 500 (293A-1247) HZ-AB1, delivered to Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines on June 14, 1984 then re-registered as JY-HKJ on August 4, 1986. The aircraft was last operated by Al Anwa Aviation and has now taken up what appears to be permanent residency at VCV likey never to fly again unfortunately.
(Photos by Michael Carter)

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