Saturday, January 22, 2011

Panamas' Copa Airlines expands service to U.S. and Canada

Copa Airlines 737-8V3 (33709/1387) HP-1522CMP climbs from Rwy 25R at LAX on January 20, 2011. (Photo by Michael Carter)

Panama's Copa Airlines announced today that it will fly to three new destinations and increase frequencies on other key routes as part of its 2011 expansion plan.

Copa's new routes will begin in June when the carrier adds service from Panama City to Toronto Pearson, Nassau in the Bahamas and Porte Alegre, Brazil.

Copa also will add one daily round-trip flight on five routes from its Panama City hub. Two of those routes are to Florida, where Copa's Miami service will increase to four daily round-trip flights and Orlando will go to three daily round-trip flights. Bogota (up to six daily round-trip flights), Lima (three) and Santiago, Chile, (three) are the other routes.

Copa also plans to reorganize its flight schedule, saying in a press release that it will transition from a schedule of four daily flight banks to a six.

That will begin June 15, with Copa saying it "will allow the airline to better utilize (Panama City's) Tocumen Airport's existing infrastructure as well as offer passengers more and better scheduling options."

(Ben Mutzabaugh - USA Today / Today in the Sky)

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Nicholas Michael Heckert said...

I was at LAX on Imperial hill on Saturday as well... snapped a few good shots of this plane.