Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photo of the Day / Astar DC-8-73CF

Astar DC-8-73CF (46091/519) N873SJ smokes the mains on Rwy 25L at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX) at 1625 PST on October 28, 2011.
(Photo by Michael Breckshot)

The DC-8-63CF was originally delivered to Trans International Airlines on April 15, 1970 as N4868T, the carrier later changed its name to Transamerica Airlines on October 1, 1979. The aircraft was converted to a DC-8-73CF in December 1984. It has operated with numerous carriers during it's life; Air Afrique, UPS, Minerve as F-GESM, Southern Air Transport, Challenge Air Cargo, AeroUSA, DHL Worldwide, and Emery Worldwide before being WFU and stored at San Antonio, Texas in September 2001. DHL Airways leased the big DAC on August 26, 2002 putting her back into service. The carrier changed its name on July 14, 2003 to Astar with whom it still serves.


Anonymous said...

Ok This is an awesome photo of the day..Better than the airtran 717...


Mr. Overcomp. said...

Do you realllly think so, I'm not so sure.