Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo of the Day / AirTran MD-95 (717-2BD)

AirTran MD-95 (717-2BD) (55003/5004) N949AT is captured at San Antonio Airport (SAT/KSAT) on September 7, 2011 sporting the "Orlando Magic" livery.

The aircraft is the 4th MD-95 to be built and was used as a test aircraft during the certification process (N717XD). It was finally delivered to AirTran on January 28, 2000.

(Photo by Richard "Rickster" Covington)


Anonymous said...

Hey!! hmmmmm..I like the DC-8 by Breckshot better...hehehehee...Thanks Mallard for FINALLY making this the photo of the day..I hope to shoot more before they are painted..


Mr. Overcomp. said...

Well, I like The Ricksters pic better, so there.