Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LGB Airport Director Mario Rodriguez.
(Photo Long Beach Press Telegram)

Long Beach Airport Director Mario Rodriguez has been appointed to a powerful organization representing more than 95 percent of the globe's air travellers.

The Airports Council International represents 1,650 airports in 179 countries and territories, and Rodriguez will sit on the council's North American board of directors.

He'll also remain in his current role overseeing Long Beach Airport, one of the nation's busiest general aviation fields and portal to more than 3 million commercial airline passengers annually.

The post allows Rodriguez to regularly interact with agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security and Congress, among other influential groups.

Appointed to a 3-year term, he said he'll push for stronger funding for airports, strengthened environmental measures, passenger safety and commercial development, among other issues.

"Topics span from FAA's ability, or in-ability, to fund national infrastructure to environmental issues," Rodriguez said of the board's role. "This gives us the ability to be heard and put our views forward rather than be represented by others that may not be as financially or environmentally aware as us."

Rodriguez said the organization's board meets about three times annually, not including regular teleconfrences. The new role won't hinder his ability to direct Long Beach Airport, Rodriguez said.

"This is actually great for Long Beach...and gives Long Beach a seat at the big table and an opportunity to have a voice in the national arena," Rodriguez said.

Hired in early 2009, Rodriguez previously led Louis Armstrong International Airport New Orleans and was also a director of Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.

He holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Miami.

(Kristopher Hanson - Long Beach Press Telegram)

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