Tuesday, October 18, 2011

230 American Airlines maintenance personnel to relocate from Tulsa to Dallas-Ft. Worth

American Airlines (AA) said it will relocate approximately 230 Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) employees from Tulsa, Okla. to Dallas/Ft. Worth Systems Operations Control (SOC) Center.

AA said the move, aimed at streamlining operations, will take place within the year. It will continue to operate its TUL base with close to 7,000 employees.

“We believe locating the MOC with the SOC will help make American a stronger, more efficient airline,” AA spokesperson Andrea Huguely said. “This move should increase American’s productivity, reliability as well as enhance customer service by focusing on our on-time performance.”

The 260-acre Tulsa MOC was opened in June 1946 and occupies approximately 3.3 million sq. ft. at TUL. AA said it has hired 500 people at the base since the beginning of the year, and that its commitment to TUL remains “as strong as ever.”

(Christine Boynton - ATWOnline News)

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getjets said...

Hey there Aero Pacific....Love your blog here!!!!

As far as American Airlines....should relocate some of the TWA employees...left behind......Promises made.....none kept...(my opinion)that wasn't asked for...:)))))