Monday, November 9, 2009

Special New AirTran Liveries make Aircraft Spotting Fun Again!

Airtran 717-231 (55058/5017) N936AT, ex TWA N401TW, now wears the colors of the Indianapolis Colts and is captured departing Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport (ATL/KATL).

AirTran 717-2BD (55009/5010) N946AT sports the livery of the Baltimore Ravens.

AirTran 717-2BD (55043/5131) N891AT looks spectacular in the livery of the Atlanta Falcons.

AirTran 717-231 (55077/5038) N927AT, ex TWA N2410W sports "Mark on AirTran" titles.

AirTran 717-231 (55069/5019) N935AT, ex TWA N402TW displays special "Orlando Makes Me Smile" markings.

(All Photos by Christopher Weyer)

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John said...

I was on the 'Orlando Makes me Smile" aircraft from Chicago Midway-Orlando Florida