Friday, November 27, 2009

Avient adds MD-11F

Arrives at Miami International (MIA/KMIA) on a lovely afternoon.
(Photo by Eddy Gual)

Avient has added McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (48408/457) Z-BAV, ex N408SH to it's fleet. The aircraft was originally delivered to Korean Airlines as HL7372 on 01/25/1991. The MD-11 was converted to an MD-11F returning to the Cargo arm of Korean Airlines on 06/21/1995. It later served with Varig Log as PP-LGD until being WFU and STD.
**Update** Sadley this aircraft crashed on take-off Saturday November 28, 2009 at Shanghi Pudong Airport (SPD/ZSPD) as it was taking off. The aircraft reportedly rotated but never got airborne running off the end of the Rwy into a storage building and bursting into flames. 3 out of 7 crew members on board lost their lives.

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Christopher Weyer said...

Sorry to report that this aircraft has reportedly crashed in Shanghai today. Story here: