Saturday, July 26, 2008

TSA commences trial of "Diamond Self-Select Lanes at Orange County (SNA)

John Wayne Airport (SNA) in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began a 30-day trial of the new "Diamond Self-Select Lanes" on Thursday July 24th. The trial lanes will be set-up at the Terminal A Security Checkpoint.

There will be three lanes established designated as "Expert," "Casual," and "Family/Special Assistance" based on the travelers needs and knowledge. In addition to the new lanes the first class screening lane will remain.

The TSA has implemented this program at 30 airports across the country and claim a resounding success with passengers and airlines according to Kathleen Roscher, Federal Security Director at John Wayne Airport.

The following are the exact designations of each catagory;

"Expert Traveler:" The expert traveler lane is for frequent travelers who know how to get through the checkpoint quickly and efficiently, are familiar with TSA procedures, and understand TSA's 3-1-1 liquid policy.

"Casual Traveler:" These passengers should be somewhat familiar with TSA procedures and travel at least once a year.

"Families and Special Assistance:" These passengers may or may not be familiar with TSA procedures but are traveling with small children and strollers, in large groups, may be elderly or require special assistance or extra time at the checkpoint.

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