Friday, July 4, 2008

Bomb Threat at Los Angeles International (LAX)

A person claiming to be a terrorist was arrested at LAX on Wednesday July 2nd following his claim that he had a bomb in his backpack. The suspect approached an airport police officer outside of the Tom Bradley International terminal and stated that "I'm a terrorist, I have a bomb in my bag and i'm going to explode it now!" The suspect then placed the bag at the officers feet and was immediately arrested. The LAPD Bomb Squad responed and fired a water cannon at the bag in an attempt to detonate any explosives but non were found.

The incident created delays of up to two hours for approximately 131 inbound and outbound flights effecting more 20,000 holiday travelers but no inbound flights were diverted away from LAX.

Vehicle traffic was a mess as the upper and lower roads were closed for three hours outside of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, Terminal Three (Alaska Airlines, Horizon Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Midwest Airlines), and Terminal Four (American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines). Roads were re-opened at around 1:00pm but traffic remained snarled for a couple more hours.

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