Wednesday, July 16, 2008

C-17A 07-7175 (P-175) makes first flight

New C-17A 07-7175 (P-175) flew for the first time yesterday afternoon 07/15/08. The aircraft destined for Dover Air Force Base performed a standard pre-delivery test flight returning to Long Baech Airport at 1651.

On Sunday 07/13/08 Presidential Candident Barrak Obama visited Southern California first speaking in San Diego during the morning hours. Heading north in the afternoon, he made a couple stops in the Laguna Beach area then headed to Long Beach Airport where he boarded his Midwest MD-81 and departed for Illinois.

Above Photos:

Boeing C-17A 07-7175 (P-175) sports fine lines as this 3/4 photo demonstrates. (Photo by Michael Carter)

This new C-17A is destined for Dover Air Force Base. (Photo by Michael Carter)

Midwest McDonnell Douglas MD-81 N804ME (48030/962) rolls for takeoff on Rwy 30, taking Presidential hopeful Barrak Obama to another campaign stop in Illinois. (Photo by Michael Carter)

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