Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Air Force to get 15 additional C-17As

The Senate passed a $162 billion war spending bill on June 27 which includes 15 additional C-17As. Approximately $3.6 billion of the $162 billion bill will be used for the purchase and production of the aircraft. The bill was approved by a 92-6 vote but still has to go to the White House for President Bush to sign which he has indicated that he would.

This 15 plane order will extend the production of the C-17A out until August 2010. The original 190 plane order is scheduled to be completed in August 2009 so this budget approval is welcome news to the employees here in Long Beach. Boeing is hopeful that congress will add an additional 15 C-17As in its fiscal year 2009 budget but must wait until fall when the bill comes up for a vote.

Above Photo: Boeing C-17A 00-0172 (P-72) of Elmendorf Air Force Base taxies for a Rwy 32 departure on a gloomy afternoon in Anchorage (ANC). (Photo by Michael Carter)

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