Friday, July 4, 2008

B-1 Bomber arrives in Long Beach

A Rockwell B-1 "Lancer" bomber 86-0125 (cn 85) arrived at Long Beach Airport (LGB) at 7:45pm on Wednesday July 2nd, 2008. The aircraft scheduled to be here for several months will receive upgrades and modifications mainly to its wing area.

A crowd of approximately 100 people gathered in the DeVry parking lot to see the aircrafts arrival which was originally scheduled for 1:00pm but due to a mechanical issue was delayed with a new arrival time of 5:30pm but again was pushed back. Long Beach Airport Operations notified me at about 5:00pm that the aircraft was in fact in the air and would arrive at 7:30pm. At 7:25pm myself and Doug Kerr spotted the aircraft flying over Orange County making a standard approach towards Long Beach touching down at 7:45pm to the delight of the gathered crowd.

B-1 "Lancer" 86-0125 (cn 85) on short final to Rwy 30 just as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by Michael Carter)

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