Friday, August 21, 2015

Man Born on Turkish Airlines Plane Becomes Turkish Airlines Flight Attendant

 Erkan Geldi, who was born on a Turkish Airlines plane.
 (Photo: Turkish Airlines)
You have to love it when life comes full circle. That has been the case for Erkan Geldi.
In 1990, Geldi’s mother went into labor unexpectedly on a Turkish Airlines flight from Izmir, Turkey to Frankfurt. It just so happened to be his mother’s first flight ever — talk about an in-flight surprise! Geldi’s mother named him in honor of the pilot of that plane.
Fast forward 25 years. Today, Geldi is a flight attendant with Turkish Airlines, the same carrier on which he was born. You have to imagine he used that story on his resume. “During the interview process, they asked me why I picked this occupation,“ Geldi told USA Today. "I replied that actually the occupation chose me.”
Geldi, doing the job that was his destiny.
 (Photo: Turkish Airlines)
Growing up, his father’s friends used to call him the “little pilot.”
Geldi loves his job so much that he hopes for a repeat performance. “Maybe one day a baby will be born on one of my planes,” he said.
Sometimes things happen for a reason.
(Laura Begley Bloom - Yahoo Travel)

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