Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dallas Love Field traffic jumps nearly 64 percent in July

About a half million more people flew in and out of Dallas Love Field in July compared to a year earlier as the post-Wright amendment boom continues.

In numbers from the city of Dallas aviation department, 1.27 million people got on and off airline flights at the city airport last month, up 63.8 percent from the 775,308 who used Love Field in July 2015.

Southwest Airlines by itself saw a jump of more than 400,000 passengers year over year, going from 747,893 to 1.15 million. The second biggest carrier, Virgin America, had 87,138 passengers. In July 2015, it was flying out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and carried only 40,125 passengers.

The July numbers mark the biggest month – both in numbers and percentage gain – since the Wright amendment went away on Oct. 13 and airlines could fly nonstop to any U.S. city out of Love Field.

(Terry Maxon - The Dallas Morning News)

Delta Air Lines29,52512,941128.2%
SeaPort Airlines54045618.4%
SkyWest Airlines097-100.0%
Southwest Airlines1,152,893747,89354.2%
United Airlines013,921-100.0%
Virgin America87,1380NA
Total DAL Passengers1,270,096775,30863.8%
Market share20152014Change
Delta Air Lines2.32%1.67%0.66
SeaPort Airlines0.04%0.06%-0.02
SkyWest Airlines0.00%0.01%-0.01
Southwest Airlines90.77%96.46%-5.69
United Airlines0.00%1.80%-1.80
Virgin America6.86%0.00%6.86
Total DAL Passengers100.00%100.00%0.00
Change from previous yearPassengersChange
October 2014863,77113.1%
November 2014985,67843.4%
December 20141,041,73346.5%
January 2015966,54847.6%
February 2015916,27845.1%
March 20151,130,03250.2%
April 20151,162,89655.9%
May 20151,235,18159.5%
June 20151,232,23360.0%
July 20151,270,09663.8%

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