Monday, August 10, 2015

LAN, TAM brands to be dropped in favor of unified LATAM

LAN Airlines, a brand that has existed since 1932, will gradually disappear over the next three years as all LATAM Airlines Group carriers are unified under a single brand: LATAM.

Brazil’s TAM and its Paraguay affiliate will also be rebranded under LATAM, as will Santiago de Chile-based LAN’s affiliates in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador and LAN and TAM’s cargo operations. The rebranding is the culmination of the 2012 merger of LAN and TAM under LATAM.
While “LATAM” was the parent company of the carriers post-merger, LAN and TAM have continued to operate under their own brands.

But LATAM will spend $40 million to overhaul the carriers’ branding, with the bulk of the money expected to go towards re-painting more than 300 aircraft in a unified livery and issuing new LATAM-branded apparel to more than 50,000 employees. 

LATAM board of directors’ president Mauricio Amaro said in a statement, “We knew that having a single brand was essential to consolidate the connection between LAN and TAM, and the name LATAM creates a strong identity for the airlines that form the largest airline group in Latin America.”

LATAM CEO Enrique Cueto added the branding change is about more than liveries and uniforms. “The passenger experience will improve with access to a single product and service within one network, more powerful online presence and integrated channels of communication, in addition to faster development of innovation and technology in the countries where [LATAM] operates,” he said.

“LATAM will increase optimization of our fleet, provide easier access for passengers and clients to the best network of destinations in the region while offering a new inflight experience, updates in service and inflight entertainment, and innovative technology that gives passengers more control over their travel experience.”

LAN, one of the world’s longest operating airlines, has been around since 1929 and adopted the Línea Aérea Nacional de Chile brand in 1932. It was known as LAN Chile from 1932 to 2004, when “Chile” was dropped from the brand to convey a broader Latin American image. São Paulo-based Táxi Aéreo Marília, or TAM, has existed since 1976.

(Aaron Karp - ATWOnline News)

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