Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today at Long Beach (LGB/KLGB)

Allegiant MD-88 (49759/1606) N412NV rolls for takeoff on Rwy 30 bound for Bellingham, Washington (BLI/KBLI). This aircraft was originally scheduled to be delivered to Wardair Canada but was NTU by the carrier. It was bought and delivered to Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation and leased to Midway Airlines on December 12, 1989 as N903ML. The aircraft was returned to Polaris in November 1991 and stored until being leased to Air Aruba on March 14, 1992 as P4-MDA, then re-registered as N11FQ in September 1992. In October 2000 the aircraft was again WFU and stored until being leased to Southeast Airlines on September 28, 2001 as N11FQ where it served until December 2, 2004. Out of service for just a short time the aircraft was leased to Air Efata as PK-FTT on December 23, 2005.
(Photo by Michael Carter)
Opra Winfrey was in Long Beach today for the International Womans Conference and we captured her Bombardier BD-700-1A10 "Global Express" (c/n 9187) N54SL arrive at 15:40 to pick her up.
(Photo by Michael Carter)

Some other notable aircraft at Long Beach Airport this afternoon:

USAF Boeing C-32A (757-2G4) (c/n 29026/787) 98-0002 - Parked on the Signature flight ramp (Brought in Michelle Obama for the Womans Conference).


G-IV (c/n 1398) N498QS - Gulfstream flight ramp.

G-IVSP (c/n 1452) N603KE - Gulfstream Service Center ramp.

G450 (c/n 4062) N450XX - Gulfstream Service Center ramp.

G-V (c/n 649) N83CW -Gulfsream Service Center ramp.

G-V (c/n 574) N1KE - Signature flight ramp.

G550 (c/n 5045) N560DM - Gulfstream Service Center ramp.

G550 (c/n 5092) VP-CVI - Gulfstream Service Center ramp.

G550 (c/n 5243) B-99888 - Gulfstream flight ramp.

G550 (c/n 5108) N311CG - Mid-field run-up pad / Gulfstream Service Center ramp.

That's it for today's report..........Michael Carter

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