Saturday, October 16, 2010

TNT Airways to add 777F to it's fleet

Belgian-based TNT Airways is to lease three Boeing 777 freighters for its Asian routes, introducing the type to its fleet next year.

TNT Airways is to acquire the aircraft from Guggenheim Aviation Partners. The first will be delivered in July 2011.

Two more 777Fs will be brought into the TNT fleet by the end of the same year.

TNT already uses four Boeing 747-400ERFs on its Europe-Asia routes. Two of these aircraft are owned while the other two are taken on short-term lease contracts.

Atlas Air is wet-leasing 747-400ERF capacity to TNT, whose main operations are centred in Liege.

TNT says the 777F agreement will "reduce reliance on commercial line-haul and external short-term contract capacity".

It also points out that the twin-engined type will provide "near-equivalent" capability to its 747 operation.

"Its performances and versatility are just excellent for the type of long-haul service we operate," says TNT air network managing director Niky Terzakis.

(David Kaminski-Morrow - Flight International News)

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