Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Southwest Airlines buys 3 surplus 737-700's

Southwest Airlines has gone to the surplus aircraft market and added three used 737-700's (7BX) to it's fleet. The aircraft involved are former Virgin Blue aircraft VH-VBQ (30744/989) "La Blue Femme," VH-VBR (30745/1027) "Mackey Maiden," and VH-VBS (30746/1085) "Blue Baroness."

The aircraft were originally destined for the now defunct Midway Airlines as N369ML, N370ML, and N371ML.

The first 737-7BX is now reported to be at Paine Field (PAE/KPAE) being prepared for delivery to Southwest Airlines as N552WN. The remaining two aircraft will be registered as N553WN and N554WN respectively.

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