Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Aeromexico Connect ERJ-190 destroyed in take-off accident at Durango

An Aeromexico Connect Embraer ERJ-190 (XA-GAL) reportedly suffered an 'engine failure at or around V1' during the take-off from Runway 03 at General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, Durango, Mexico on July 31, 2018.

The take-off was aborted but the aircraft overran onto rough ground and eventually came to rest some 500m beyond the end of the runway and slightly to the left of the runway extended centreline. Both engines were apparently torn off and a fire, which eventually destroyed the aircraft, broke out shortly after the aircraft came to rest. It is understood that there were four crew and 97 passengers on board. Two passengers are said to have been seriously injured in the accident and a number others apparently sustained lesser injuries.

The accident happened in daylight (1515L) and in VMC; wind 070deg./3kt., visibility 7sm in rain showers associated with local thunderstorms, cloud, broken CB at 2,000ft and temperature 20C. Runway 03 at Durango has an asphalt surface and is 9,514ft long. The airfield elevation is 6,100ft. The aircraft was operating a scheduled service to Mexico City.

(FlightGlobal News)

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