Monday, November 27, 2017

Russia may produce MC-21, SSJ100 aircraft abroad

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is considering the possibility of a partial transfer of the MC-21 and SSJ100 aircraft production abroad, if there is a larger order for these types of planes, RNS informs. The Russian Ministry stated that it will not disclose the details of possible deals with another state until it reaches agreements with potential aircraft customers.

“The partial localization of aircraft production or the establishment of an extensive competence in aircraft maintenance in another country may be an attractive offer when there is a need for a large number of aircraft in this country, ” the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported.

As for now, the Russian government is working on the promotion of Russian civil aircraft to those markets where there is a demand for them.

The Irkut MC-21 is a Russian single-aisle twinjet airliner with a capacity of 132–163 passengers in two classes produced by Irkut Corporation. The first MC-21-300 aircraft took off in May 2017. As for now, it had 175 orders.

During theWings of the Future aviation forum on November 1, 2017, Vice-President of Irkut Corporation for marketing and external relations Kirill Budaev confirmed that Irkut Corporation is planning to produce 1000 MC-21 planes until 2037 as “there's a completely clear trend that passenger capacity is increasing over the next 20 years.”

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a fly-by-wire twin-engine regional jet. The aircraft was designed by the Russian manufacturer Sukhoi and has a capacity to accommodate 98 passengers. Its maiden flight was conducted in May 2008. In April 2011, the Superjet 100 took its first commercial passenger flight from Yerevan to Moscow.

(AeroTime News)

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