Thursday, November 16, 2017

Embraer Lowers Cabin Altitude for Legacy 450/500

Embraer Executive Jets has announced a lower cabin altitude for its midsize Legacy 450 and 500 to further enhance passenger comfort and reduce fatigue. “The cabin altitude of these two aircraft is…among the lowest on the market, but the maximum cabin altitude has been further reduced to a best-in-class 5,800 feet,” the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer said yesterday at the 2017 Dubai Airshow.

The current maximum cabin altitude of the fly-by-wire twinjets is 6,000 feet at 45,000 feet. Embraer is now increasing the cabin pressurization differential from 9.3 psi to 9.73 psi to reduce the maximum cabin altitude to 5,800 feet.

Deliveries of Legacy 450s and 500s with new the cabin altitude enhancement will start in the first quarter, when the upgrade also becomes available to the in-service fleet.

(Chad Trautvetter - AINOnline News)

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