Friday, May 6, 2011

Gulfstreams at Long Beach (LGB/KLGB)

Lots of Gulfstreams visible today at the Long Beach facilities and some nice movements yesterday and today.

 Harbor Island Management LLC G-IVSP (c/n 1479) N226RS is captured on a very short final to Rwy 30 on May 5, 2011.

 G450 (c/n 4058) N218WW operated 1226 Enterprises LLC c/o Avjet Corporation arrives in Long Beach on May 5, 2011.

 G550 (c/n 5288) N552GA ex N588GA operated by Amgen Inc. rolls for takeoff on Rwy 30 May 6, 2011.

In this record photo, two new G550's are seen as they are prepared for their new owners. Side on to the camera and under tow is I-ADVD. To the left at the nose of the Italian a/c is N891E sporting a lovely blue and white livery. The construction numbers are unknown at this point but give me some time and I will indentify them.

(Photos by Michael Carter)

In addition to the above mentioned Gulfstreams, the following were also spotted the past couple days at the Gulfstream facilities.

May 5:

G550 (c/n 5303) N303GA sporting Hong Kong Jet titles on the tail.

May 6:

G-IVSP (c/n 1336) N235LP.

G450 (c/n 4150) VP-BMV.

G-V (c/n 554) XA-AZT.

G550 (c/n 5042) N528QS. 

G550 (c/n 5105) N500RD.

G550 (c/n ?) B-8137 with "ME City" titles  mid-fuselage above the windows.

G550 (c/n 5297) N792GA.

G550 (c/n 5324) N524GA (Green Ambertech finish).

G550 (c/n 5327) N772GA (Green Ambertech finish).

That's it for this report, have a goodnight and a great weekend.


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Anonymous said...

I-ADVD is s/n 5314