Friday, April 29, 2011

First United Arab Emirates (UAE) C-17A takes to the skies

The first of six C-17A's destined for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force departed from Long Beach Airport (LGB/KLGB) this morning at 1155 PST on its first pre-delivery test flight. C-17A (F-234/UE-1) N9500N tbr 1223 upon delivery, headed out to "Shots" on a 4 hour flight returning at 1553 PST. At 1617 PST, the aircraft departed on the second leg of the first flight activities bound for Palmdale Airport (PMD/KPMD) where the aircraft would perform engine out take-offs and landings. At 1757 PST the C-17A returned to Long Beach Airport touching down on Rwy 30 completing her first series of flight tests.    

 "Boeing 401 Heavy" departs from Rwy 12 at 1155 PST.

 Climbs into the skies above Long Beach bound for "Shots" intersection.
 Approaching Rwy 30. 

 Short final to Rwy 30 following a successful first pre-delivery flight.

Smokes the mains on Rwy 30 at 1553 PST.

(Photos by Michael Carter)

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