Monday, April 25, 2011

All Nippon Airways (ANA) pilots commence 787 Dreamliner training

Boeing last week said 787 training campuses in Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo, London and Shanghai have received approval from US FAA, UK CAA, EASA, CAAC and the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau. Meanwhile, 10 pilots from Dreamliner launch customer All Nippon Airways last week entered a Boeing Training & Flight Services 787 training program.

Boeing said that it demonstrated to regulators that "the training devices located at the five campuses around the world were similar or identical in the way they operate … [which] will allow [BTFS] to deliver the same quality of training at all locations."

BTFS VP Sherry Carbary said 787 flight training will be "changing the game through continued innovation in our advanced suite of training technologies. By bringing this cutting-edge training directly to airlines in the regions of the world where they're based and serve their passengers, we're offering our customers the flexibility and efficiency of flight crew training where they need it, when they need it."

CCO Roei Ganzarski added, "We've invested in world-class courseware, trained a global team of experienced instructors, and now have certified a worldwide network of simulators." ANA said its 10 pilots who entered the program last week will use BTFS's "highly sophisticated simulators and flight training software." The pilots are expected to complete training on May 17.

"The [787 FFS] is significantly more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, using 80% less electricity than previous models," ANA stated. "Furthermore, the high degree of commonality between the cockpits of the Dreamliner and the Boeing 777, which is already in use in the ANA fleet, will assist in making the training program more efficient."

Boeing in January announced the seventh delay in the Dreamliner program, pushing ANA's first delivery to the third quarter.

(Christine Boynton - ATWOnline News)

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