Monday, April 18, 2011

Alaska Airlines introduces new "touch screen" digEplayer

Alaska Airlines 737-890 (35692/2859) N525AS departs from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX/KPHX) on November 10, 2010.
(Photo by Michael Carter) 

Alaska Airlines last week launched its new and enhanced touch-screen digEplayer inflight entertainment devices, which boast a lighter weight and smaller size than its predecessor that debuted in 2003. At the time of its introduction eight years ago, AS "was the first carrier in the world to offer customers portable video-on-demand technology from a convenient handheld device," it said.

The upgraded IFE devices, available on "most" AS flight longer than 3 hr., provide "more" new-release movies and TV shows as well as games. For an additional fee, the devices can connect to the Internet via the carrier's Gogo inflight Wi-Fi network.

"The new digEplayer is smaller and lighter than a laptop, has a much longer battery life, and provides exciting and unique content for our travelers," said AS VP-Marketing Joe Sprague.

Pricing is based on flight time, costing travelers $14 on flights longer than 4.5 hrs. and $8 on flights under the 4.5 hr. mark. A $2 discount is available to those who reserve a digEplayer in advance online.

(Christine Boynton - ATWOnline News)

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