Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today 02/09/2011 at Victorville (VCV/KVCV) Pt 2

Boeing 767-238/ER (23306/125) N250MY late of MAXjet Airways now spends it's days in storage at Victorville (VCV/KVCV).

All Nippon Airways (ANA) A320-211 (c/n 219) JA8389 is seen at Victorville (VCV/KVCV) being prepared for storage.

British Airways 747-436 (25406/895) G-BNLU "City of Bangor" is now in storage at Victorville (VCV/KVCV)

This unidentified Cathay Pacific 747-467 is slowly being parted out to keep other 747-400's flying.

This unidentified Northwest (Delta) 757-251 is captured at Victorville (VCV/KVCV) as she is prepared for her new Delta livery to be applied.

(Photos by Michael Carter)


Unknown said...

That unidentified Cathay Pacific B747-467 is B-HOO(,B-HOO-Cathay-Pacific.php)

Do you have anymore pictures of this particular aircraft? Wings, More of the fuselage etc.

Unknown said...
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