Friday, February 11, 2011

LV Air to call Las Vegas its home

LV Air will be Las Vegas' newest airline that will fly non-stop from JFK Airport in NYC to Las Vegas' McCarran Airport in 2011. The company plans to charter four wide body aircraft to Las Vegas daily.

In-flight offerings include inter-seat texting; inter-seat video, wireless ipads, club music, mood lighting and true-to-life holographic safety briefings from Las Vegas celebrities . Deluxe Snack Packs will be offered on board and supplied by Las Vegas restaurants.

The First Class Cabins of each aircraft will be fully-sponsored. The sponsor will design the cabin d├ęcor, carpet, uniforms, meals, blankets, pilows and seating upholstery. First-class seats will fully recline similar to those of international flights.

LV Air hopes to pick up pent up demand from the nearly 20,000 seats "per day" currently missing from the Las Vegas market since 2008

Single Destination business model:

LV Air will serve only Las Vegas. No other destination will be offered.

The company plans to utilize a smart phone based reservation platform: "The website is planned to be the most in-depth and intelligently designed product offering of the Las Vegas market ever seen. The shopping cart is expected to be a full "concierge" experience whereas customers can reserve seats, purchase deluxe meal packs, In-flight ipads, rooms, limo service, show tickets, tours and club outings as well as specifically tailored packages by frequent Las Vegas celebrities sold as a package experience. As easily accessed from a Smart Phone as the company's own site" says Marketing Officer Sean Smith. "There are excellent product offerings in Las Vegas, the only competitive disadvantage our beautiful city has, is air lift, That will change when we return to what made this city memorable, unique offerings and a customer focused Vegas flavor of service, that's what LV Air will bring to the table. After customers experience flying LV Air, flying any other airline will seem like a visit to Grandma's house," says Smith.

"It's been a collaboration of very hard working and smart people who have identified a solution to the Las Vegas lift issue. We're working 14-hour days to make this happen in the shortest time possible so that we can put Las Vegans back to work"…he said.

A Focused Product:

LV Air plans to work with nine select hotel-casino properties in Las Vegas to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to customers by consolidating the strength of its nine properties.

LV Air preferred hotel-casino partners will allow customers to have the following inclusive services:

1. "Straight to room" baggage service

2. "Front Desk" check-in for flight departures

3. 24/7 concierge line

4. 24/7 smart phone accessible limo service between properties

5. Smart Phone RFID (recognition software) for VIP treatment ( as guest approaches 100 ft. guest photo will display on front desk/ limousine/ club host display for immediate recognition)

6. Consolidated buffet pricing

7. Consolidated show pricing

8. Restaurant seating preference

9. Night Club booth preference and fixed entry and bottle pricing

10. Auto reminders, upgrade opportunities and last minute offerings on smart phones daily to all customers traveling on site and outbound

National marketing and brand design will be handled by New York Advertising Firm, The Gotham Group Inc. known for its successful campaigns for Maybelline, Denny's and "A hallmark of the Gotham culture is our challenger mentality. In our own business we frequently take on bigger, more established (and often more complacent competitors). We never take anything for granted and we win by not only being smarter, but by trying harder and digging deeper than anyone else. In LV Air, we recognize a fellow challenger brand. A group of people that's ready to provide a better product and experience by taking on entrenched organizations, entrenched processes and entrenched perceptions. And we're excited by the opportunity to partner with them and shake up the airline industry," says Nick Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer/Managing Partner.

Local marketing and client rewards development will be handled by Trialogue Direct, a spinoff of SKG Advertising in Las Vegas.

The airline hopes to expand flights based upon demand. "We're in no rush to expand," says Smith, "the goal is to fill Las Vegas hotel rooms with players, conventioneers and vacationers from the Northeast by drawing a straight line between the customer at his home to the casino floor and then back again…that's going to require our partners to get involved in our success and vice versa. Our flights may not be the lowest priced, but definitely the most exciting to Las Vegas."

LV Air represents a collaboration between two private companies, Perpetual Group LLC based in Las Vegas and Park Avenue Investors Group in New York.

(KTNV News - Las Vegas)

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