Thursday, November 18, 2010

Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX/KPHX) Part 2 Boeing 737-300

Southwest Airlines is by far the largest operator of the Boeing 737-300 "classic" at Phoenix but US Airways does still have several of the type in service.
Southwest Airlines 737-3H4 (27929/2744) N609SW "California One" was delivered to the carrier on August 4, 1995.

Southwest Airlines has been retro fitting the "classic" 737-300 fleet with the Avitation Partners blended winglet package. In the above photo 737-3H4 (25250/2103) N355SW is captured climbing from Rwy 8 sporting the winglet package.

US Airways 737-3G7 (23766/1417) N154AW was delivered new to America West Airlines on July 24, 1987.

US Airways 737-3G7 (23778/1455) is captured taxiing towards a Rwy 8 departure on a lovely afternoon. The aircraft was delivered new to America West Airlines on October 15, 1987.

(Photos by Michael Carter)

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