Thursday, November 18, 2010

Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX/KPHX) Part 1 Boeing 757-200

Took a trip to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX/KPHX) this week to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and shoot some airliner photos............enjoy!

Continental Airlines 757-224 (27300/650) N13110 climbs from Rwy 8.

"Positive climb, gear up!" as Delta Airlines 757-232 (29728/845) N626DL departs Phoenix on a gorgeous day.

This ex-ATA aircraft (N527AT) now operated by U.S. Airways as N204UW (30886/945) departs Phoenix on a lovely afternoon.

US Airways 757-2B7 (27244/607) N936UW climbs from Rwy 8 during east traffic operations.

US Airways 757-2G7 (24233/244) N908AW used to sport the Arizona Cardinals livery with America West Airlines.

(Photos by Michael Carter)

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John said...

Where were the photos at Phoenix Skyharbor taken from. I have similar interests in photographing planes at Skyharbor.