Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Embraer to fly ecoDemonstrator with Boeing

Boeing will collaborate with Embraer to fly a test bed for environmental technologies in Brazil in 2016, as a follow on the US manufacturer’s series of ecoDemonstrators.

The unspecified Embraer aircraft will be flown as part of Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator program, which was begun in 2011 and so far has involved flight tests of more than 60 technologies first on a 737-800, then a 787-8 and most recently on a 757, which is just wrapping up flights.

The technologies to be tested on Embraer’s demonstrator are being assessed and will be announced at a later date, says Boeing.

The companies announced a collaboration in 2012, under which they have developed runway situational awareness tools to prevent incursions. Boeing has provided support for Embraer’s KC-390 military airlifter program and in January they opened a joint biofuel research center in Brazil.

Under the ecoDemonstrator program, Boeing flew the 737 in 2012 and 787 in 2014. This year, the 757 demonstrator has tested an active-flow-control vertical tail, insect mitigation for laminar-flow wings, dimmable windows powered by harvested energy and other technologies.

The three campaigns have included other agencies, companies and airlines including the FAA, NASA, Honeywell, Panasonic, Rolls-Royce, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines and the TUI Group.

(Graham Warwick - ATWOnline News)

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