Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Breaking News: Convair 340 crash in South Africa

A Convair 340 (ZS-BRV) painted in the colours of 'Martin Air Charter' crashed while apparently returning to Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, South Africa on July 10, 2018, killing at least one person. Another 19 passengers/crew are said to have been injured.

The aircraft appears to have hit the roof of a shed and crashed on scrub covered ground in the Derdepoort area, some 6km east of Wonderboom Airport. One witness is reported to have said that he saw 'smoke trailing' from one of the aircraft's engines before it crashed. The accident happened in daylight and in VMC. It is understood that the aircraft had been 'donated' to the Aviodrome and was due to be ferried to Lelystad, Netherlands later in the week.

(FlightGlobal News)

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