Friday, September 8, 2017

Boeing re-inserts orders for Air Force One aircraft into backlog


Boeing confirms that two passenger-carrying 747-8s added to the order backlog a week ago will be delivered to the US Air Force for the Air Force One replacement.

The USAF ordered two 747-8s that Boeing previously built for defunct Russian carrier Transaero, which filed for bankruptcy in 2015 before it could take delivery.

Boeing finally removed the Transaero orders from the backlog in June.

When the USAF finalized a deal to acquire the two aircraft, Boeing re-inserted the orders into the backlog.

Boeing now has 135 orders overall for the 747-8, including 47 for the passenger-carrying version.

Only 20 747-8s in the backlog remain undelivered, including 14 freighter models for UPS.

Boeing is building the 747-8 at a rate of six per year, leaving three years of backlog remaining.

(Stephen Trimble - FlightGlobal News)

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