Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Argentina greenlights first local LCC

The national government of Argentina has officially authorized the low-cost airline FB Líneas Aéreas Sociedad Anónima, commercially known as FlyBondi, to operate 85 national and international air traffic routes for the next 15 years.

The decision communicated through Resolution 408-E/2017 of the Ministry of Transportation was published on June 29 in the Boletín Oficial, with the signature of Minister Guillermo Dietrich.

According to the document, FlyBondi is now authorized "to operate domestic and international regular services of air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail". Concessions include international destinations to Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay, as well domestic routes between Argentinian cities.

As indicated in the Resolution, it is considered beneficial that another local operator enters both domestic and international markets as this will increase competition and lead to the improvement of the activities in the air transport sector.

In addition, the entry of a new Argentinian operator will increase the presence of the country on routes primarily exploited by foreign carriers

The company will base its operations from the airport of El Palomar, although this is "subject to the qualifications and limitations" of the airport.

FlyBondi is the fifth LCC greenlighted by the Argentinian government to transport cargo and passenger. The other four are American Jet, Andes, Alas del Sur and Avianca.

In addition, in April 2017, Norwegian announced establishing a new venture in Argentina with a fleet of 10 Boeing 737s by the end of 2017.

(AeroTime Aviation News)

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