Wednesday, June 8, 2011

U.S. Government DC-9-33F visits Long Beach Airport

Douglas DC-9-33F (47410/480) N45NA operated by the United States National Nuclear Security Administration turns onto Rwy 30 at Long Beach Airport (LGB/KLGB) on June 7, 2011 as it prepares to depart at 09:22 PST.

The aircraft was originally delivered to Martinair Holland as PH-MAR "Jean Monnet" on April 19, 1969. It was sold back to Douglas on November 10, 1982 and re-registered as N909DC until being leased to the United States Navy as 162753. The current operator bought the aircraft on November 27, 2003 re-registering it to its current registration.
 (Photo by Michael Carter) 

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