Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Israeli Airline Sun D'Or grounded by government

Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority is revoking the operating license of Sun D'Or International Airlines as of April 1, owing to noncompliance with international aviation standards.

Tel Aviv-based Sun D’Or is a wholly subsidiary of El Al Israel Airlines and operates to mainly holiday destinations in Europe using three Boeing 757-200s. It was established in 1977 as El Al Charter Services and rebranded as Sun D'Or in 1981. “Sun D'Or is currently operating without a full administrative and operational framework as required of every other airline and is relying fully on the infrastructure of parent company El Al,” CAA said in a statement. It added that it had informed the airline over a year ago that it failed to meet aviation standards and that it tried to “repair the faults but the CAA remained unconvinced.” Apparently, the decision follows discussions with delegations from the European Commission, which expressed “reservations about the company's operations” and considered placing operating restrictions on its flights.

(Cathy Buyck - ATWOnline News)

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