Monday, March 7, 2011

First 787 "Dreamliner" arrives in San Antonio for mode work

Boeing said Monday it has started 787 change incorporation work at its Global Services & Support site in San Antonio. Several early production aircraft will come to the Texas facility for final refurbishment, including installing electronic and mechanical equipment, completing software upgrades, testing functional systems and removing and reworking wiring or equipment requiring an update to meet current configuration standards.

The manufacturer said approximately 450 employees will be hired on a temporary basis to join with 1,700 Boeing workers at the site (currently engaged mostly in military aircraft modifications) to complete the 787 work, which is slated to be performed through March 2013.

Dreamliner production aircraft No. 23, the first 787 scheduled to undergo change incorporation, arrived Friday from Everett on a ferry flight. At least six aircraft will undergo the procedure in San Antonio, including three of the six flight test 787s once flight testing is completed.

"The current plan is for six Dreamliners to complete change incorporation and refurbishment in San Antonio," Boeing stated. "However, the plan is flexible and could accommodate additional 787 production needs as flight test is completed and airplanes are prepared for delivery."

(Aaron Karp - ATWOnline News)

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