Monday, September 6, 2010

Orange County (SNA/KSNA) Action

This is what I am used to seeing in Alaska but no complaints here as this gorgeous DHC-2 "Beaver" (c/n 1294) N67679 built in 1957 taxies for a Rwy 19L departure on Sunday September, 5.

Southwest Airlines operates 46 daily flights at Orange County and here we see 737-7H4 (c/n 29806/537) N766SW operating as flight "SWA2977" climbing from Rwy 19R bound for San Jose (SJC/KSJC) on Friday September 3.

Southwest Airlines is the only carrier to operate flights to Las Vegas (LAS/KLAS) at Orange County and we see 737-7H4 (c/n 29821/950) N411WN touching down on Rwy 19R as it arrives from the gambling meca on September 3.

Orange County is a great airport if you like bizjets as demonstrated by this lovely Gulfstream G150 (c/n 220) N197HF ex-N220GA as it taxies for a mid-morning departure on September 3.

Two major FBO's are located at Orange County, Signature and Atlantic Jet Center. Both are very busy and one can always see a great number of Bizjets, Single engine, and twin engine aircraft parked on their respective ramps. Here we see IAI 1125A Astra SPX (c/n 80) N411MM ex-C-GSSS parked on the Atlantic ramp on September 3.

(Photos by Michael Carter)

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