Friday, September 10, 2010

Air China becomes latest Boeing 777-300ER customer

Chinese flag-carrier Air China is ordering four Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for delivery from 2013.

Air China says it has entered an aircraft purchase agreement for the twin-jets, in a statement to the Shanghai stock exchange.

It puts the value of the transaction at $1.15 billion but says the airline will benefit from concessions.

Air China says it will take delivery of the aircraft over the 2013-14 period, adding that they will provide a capacity increase of about 4% against the figure at the end of last year.

The decision is "conducive to optimising the company's fleet structure to meet market demand", the carrier adds, and will enable it to achieve more efficient performance.

All 777-300ERs are equipped with General Electric GE90 powerplants.

(David Kaminski-Morrow - ATI News)

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