Thursday, January 19, 2017

BAE Systems To Replace Head-up Display on the F-22

The pilot will not notice much difference when viewing BAE’s all-digital HUD.
(Photo: BAE Systems)

Lockheed Martin has selected BAE Systems to replace the head-up display (HUD) on the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter with an all-digital version. BAE’s Electronic Systems business unit at Rochester in the UK will provide its digital light engine (DLE) for a development contract that is expected to lead to full production for the entire U.S. Air Force F-22 fleet.

BAE Systems provides the current HUD for the F-22, and for many other fighter aircraft, notably the F-16. It has developed the DLE version as a “form and fit” upgrade that removes the conventional cathode ray tube image source and introduces a more advanced digital display solution. The digital technology offers increased reliability, eliminates high-maintenance and obsolete items, and provides a constant luminance performance.

Andy Humphries, director of advanced displays at BAE Systems, said: “F-22 pilots deserve the most advanced situational awareness technology available today. We’ve worked closely with Lockheed Martin to deliver a completely modernized HUD solution for the F-22 fleet that meets the long-term needs of the Air Force.” In fact, the pilot sees very little difference when a BAE Systems DLE HUD is installed; it retains the existing optics, video camera and control panel.

The DLE package is compatible with any existing aircraft interface, and BAE Systems has been marketing it to F-16 operators. But the F-22 contract is the company’s first for this new technology. BAE Systems has produced more than 15,000 head-up displays that have been in service on more than 50 different aircraft types in more than 50 countries.

(Chris Pocock - AINOnline News)

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