Friday, August 29, 2014

Frontier Airlines to unveil new livery on September 9!

Frontier Airlines' new livery. (Kristen Painter, The Denver Post)
Frontier Airlines’ new livery.
(Kristen Painter, The Denver Post)

Frontier Airlines’ planes are getting a new look — or so it seems.
A plain, white toy airplane arrived at my desk Wednesday morning from the Denver-based carrier. Every bit of color was removed except for a little green near the engines and a red question mark on the tail — the place typically reserved for one of Frontier’s endearing animals.
Frontier just revamped its livery last year, replacing the green paint that simply said “FRONTIER” with its website address "FLYFRONTIER.COM"  

The promotional stunt includes an invitation to its hangar on Sept. 9 to “see what’s next for Colorado’s hometown airline.”
From a marketing perspective, overhauling the physical appearance of the airplanes is not surprising considering the countless changes the company has recently made to its business model.
As for the beloved animals, Frontier’s CEO David Siegel told The Denver Post during an interview in April that it had no plans to do away with the creatures.
“We love the animals. There’s more we can do with the animals,” Siegel said. “You’re going to see us integrate the animals better into our product and branding.”
Perhaps that statement was a bit of foreshadowing.
What do you think Frontier may do to its livery?

(Kristen Painter - The Denver Post)

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