Saturday, February 4, 2012

A "Surgical Strike" at LAX today

I was a bit late arriving at LAX this morning, and as I was transistioning onto the I-105 bound for the famous "Imperial Hill" I noticed that the Korean Air A380 was taxiing towards a Rwy 25L departure.

I knew that I would not make the "Imperial Hill" in time so I decided to perform a "Surgical Strike" at the old "Imperial Parking Lot" which we have been banished from since 9-11.  I made the lot in plenty of time and parked along side the fence as I did in the old days. As I exited my truck the KAL A380 was turning onto Rwy 25L. I grabbed my 7D and made my way to the top of my Dodge Ram 2500 "Megacab" as to clear the top of the fence. As she started to roll I was keeping an eye out for the LAX Airport Police hoping they would not nab me before I could shoot this lovely lady and my luck held as I was rewarded with the gorgeous shots above of Korean Air A380-861 (c/n 59) HL7613.

(Photos by Michael Carter)   

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Dante Mallet said...

Wow, taking a close-up shot of that airplane while riding a Dodge Ram is such a suspense-filled experience! And your efforts turned out some very pretty pictures! Well, kudos to you!