Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everts Air Cargo Buys Three DC-9-30's

Everts Air Cargo of Alaska has bought three former Airborne Express (Abex Air) DC-9-30 aircraft according to a fleet update in Airways magazine. The aircraft involved are as follows;

DC-9-32CF (47040/172) N904AX, originally deliverd to Overseas National Airways 10/06/1967 as N931F "Pioneer." Evergreen bought the aircraft on 10/29/1976 then sold it to Airborne Express in August 1981 then being re-registered to N904AX in February 1982.

DC-9-33RC (47363/445) N930AX, originally delivered to Martinair Holland 02/09/1969 as PH-MAO "Desiderius Erasmus." The aircraft was returned to Douglas on 04/28/1983 and re-registered N502MD. Muse Air leased the aircraft on 07/11/1983 using the aircraft until returning it to Douglas in early 1984. Airborne Express bought the aircraft in March 1984 then re-registered it to N930AX in August 1984.

DC-9-33CF (47465/684) N932AX, originally delivered to Balair 04/17/1970 as HB-IDN. The aircraft served with the carrier until 11/07/1976 when it was bought by Douglas as N7465B. Douglas sold the aircraft to Manufactures Hanover Leasing Company on 04/29/1977 and immediately leased to Itavia with whom the aircraft served with until being returned in July 1981. Hawaiian Airlines bought the DC-9 on 11/16/1981 and leased it to American International Airways. Hawaiian repossed the aircraft on 09/18/1994 from the carrier then sold it to Airborne Express on 01/02/1985 re-registering the aircraft to N932AX in March 1985.

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