Thursday, June 26, 2008

200th Gulfstream G550 Airframe at Long Beach (LGB).

Gulfstream Aerospace continues to have no problem selling aircraft in these turbulent times as is evident with the number of new G550s arriving from Savannah Georgia, not to mention the high interest in the recently announced G650. The 200th G550 airframe, N990GA (cn 5200) is now in Long Beach (LGB) where it will receive its plush interior and exterior paint. Current orders for the G550 will see production and deliveries last up until 2014 at last report. Two other recent G550 arrivals have been N399GA (cn 5199), N991GA (cn 5201). The Long Beach facilities also perform routine maintenace and service on older Gulfstreams as well or when an aircraft changes owners will customize the aircraft to the new owners specifications.

A few Gulfstreams spotted at Long Beach today were as follows; G-II N900DH (cn 111), G-IVs B-8080 (cn 1100), and B-8091 (cn unknown at present & both belonging to Deer Jet), G-V N130TM (cn 660), G550 N550AN (cn 5155), G550 N3050 (cn 5096) and G550 N234DB (cn 5106).

Deer Jet G-IV B-8080 (cn 1100) is seen returning to Long Beach (LGB) from a test flight and G550 N234DB (cn 5106) is caught departing Long Beach (LGB) bound for Van Nuys (VNY) on June 26th. (Photos by Michael Carter)

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