Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lufthansa reports near-miss with unmanned aircraft

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) said air traffic controllers changed landing direction for more than 20 flights into Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) on July 20 after a Lufthansa crew on approach reported a near-miss with an unmanned aircraft.

The Embraer E-195 with 108 passengers on board was arriving from Munich (MUC), on approach at about 2,500 ft. altitude, when the crew reported an unmanned aircraft coming within 100 meters (330 ft.) of the airliner. The Embraer landed safely, PANSA said.

“Prompt intervention by air traffic controllers allowed for the safe conduct of further landings,” PANSA said. Police helicopters were scrambled, but failed to locate the unmanned aircraft or its operator, the agency added.

Lufthansa has confirmed the incident, telling ATW in a statement, "The cockpit crew of flight LH 1614 from MUC-WAW on July 20 spotted a black unidentified object during its approach to WAW.

The object passed the aircraft in near distance on the right-hand side of the aircraft. The crew notified WAW tower about this immediately. The plane landed safely at WAW at 14:09 UTC. On board were 108 passengers."

(Graham Warwick - ATWOnline News)

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